MyMoose Challenge

Using Citizen Science to get better moose population data


Where Have All The Moose Gone?

Over the last decade, hunters have noticed a significant decline in moose populations. However, there isn't enough data to really understand what is happening. Biologists need more observations to get a better handle on the changing populations.

The MyMoose Challenge is designed to help. Using a Citizen Science model, motivated hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can contribute their sightings through their mobile device or on our website. Sign up for MyMoose and let's work together to better track our moose population.

So download the app and give it a try. And if you don't own a smartphone, you can also record observations by clicking here.


MyMoose is designed to help biologists better understand moose populations by using your observations from the field.

Out Hunting?

Submit a survey and report your sightings. Didn't see any moose? We need to know that too! Please report whenever you go out.

Privacy Protection

We know hunters and sharing location is not an option. We ensure that biologists can only see your wildlife management unit, and the public sees only the region.