Frequently Asked Questions


What is MyMoose?
Why does my contribution to MyMoose matter?
Do I have to purchase MyMoose on the App Store or the Play Store?
Am I supposed to only submit Moose Observations, what about deer, elk and wolves?
I don’t have a smart phone, how can I contribute?
What is a survey?
What will happen when I Post a Survey?
How frequently should I Post surveys?
I was out on a hunting trip, do I post a survey even if I didn’t see a moose?
Do I have to post a survey as soon as I see a moose?
What do I do if I hunt in two different management units on the same day?
In the survey form, what does unidentified mean?
What if I forget to post a survey?
What does the “Exclude from Feed” button on the survey page mean?
Is my location shared with others?
Does MyMoose track my GPS location?
Where can I see my activities?
Where can I see statistics?
Can I use MyMoose as a personal hunting log?
Recruit Friends
Why should I recruit friends to MyMoose?
How can I recruit friends through MyMoose?
Who can I recruit to MyMoose?
Tech Support
I normally don’t have any cell service where I hunt, can I still contribute?
I don’t have a Mobile Data plan on my phone, will MyMoose work?
I don’t want MyMoose to use my Mobile data?
I have a blackberry. How can I download the app?